Thomson International, Inc. Sales Office: Phone: (661) 845-1111

Top left to right: Elaine Thomson, Jeff Thomson; Bottom left to right: Nancy Thomson,  Annie Thomson, Karen Thomson, Hallie Thomson; Bottom: Jack S. Thomson, Jack C. Thomson

Left to right: Karen Thomson, Elaine Thomson, Jack S. Thomson, Nancy Thomson, Annie Thomson, Jeff Thomson

Growing the best produce requires the same touch required for growing the best families.

The Thomson International Family

Thomson International has been owned and managed for five generations and still continues to grow strong!

The Thomson family name has always been synonymous with innovation in the production and distribution of quality produce.

Our family roots run deep—dating back to 1893 when Clinton Crawford arrived and began farming in Kern County from Nova Scotia, Canada. In 1906, John Thomson from Scotland married the daughter of Clinton Crawford, and soon joined the farming operations. The current Thomson International chairman, C. Jeff Thomson, is the great-grandson of Clinton Crawford.

Jeff Thomson, along with wife Elaine, propelled the family operations to the forefront of the industry not only from being a good grower, but also by incorporating a more marketing-savvy approach to bridging growers with their customers.

Today, fifth-generation Thomson family siblings Jack S. Thomson (President), Annie Thomson (Marketing & Sales) and Nancy Thomson-Anspach (Accounting) have built upon Jeff Thomson’s success by leading the firm’s innovation, global expansion and sales efforts.

It almost seems ironic to call our family business “down-to-earth”, but we truly relish our century-plus reputation for reliability, quality, service, and honesty.

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